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                TOPFEEL PACK CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer, specialized in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of cosmetics packaging products. Our main products include acrylic bottle, airless bottle, cream jar, glass bottle, plastic sprayer, dispenser and PET/PE bottle, paper box etc. With professional skill, stable quality and excellent customer service, our company enjoys high praise among customers.

                (1)-GMP sterile workshop.

                (2)-60000 square meters work shop area.

                (3)-Cosmetic packaging manufacturer/supplier.

                (4)-ISO 9001:2008,SGS,10 years Gold Supplier certificated.


                The concept of TOPFEELPACK is "People oriented, pursuit of perfection", we not only provide every customer good and exquisite products, but also personalized service. With continuous technological innovations to comply with the changing cosmetics packaging market, we attach great importance on brand operation and overall image propulsion, taking advantage of rich experience in designing and making cosmetic containers, we try our best to make everything perfect to satisfy customers' requests.

                Our products are widely exported to America, Europe, Australia and many countries in Southeast Asia. We have a good business reputation and sincerely look forward to creating a better future with you.


                Topfeelpack also can supply professional OEM/ODM service, We can design packaging, make new mould, supply perfect customized decorations, lables and the outside color boxes. By the total cosmetics packaging solutions to help highlight your brands, add the product’s value and save cost. Innovative packaging is Marketing ease.

                We initiated the "cosmetics packaging solutions" concept to provide very high quality products and the "one-stop" packaging service.


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