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                • PET Material Series Packaging Lotion Toner Bottle

                  1. TE04 airless pump eye cream bottle with applicator, zinc alloy material applicator option. 2. PET material series packaging 120ml lotion bottle, 200ml toner bottle and 50ml cream jar. 3.? TB08 100ml fine mist spray bottle
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                • Airless Eye Cream Serum Bottle With Different Applicator

                  1. Airless Eye Cream Serum Bottle With Different Applicator. 2. 30ml Portable Hand Sanitizer Bottles For Students. 3. Stocked PET Bottle With Flip Top And Sprayer.
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                • Concise Shape Design Foam Pump Bottle

                  TB01 Foam Pump Bottle Concise shape design, rich silky foam cosmetics. PA12 Airless Bottle Food grade PP material, can be matte effect without spray frosted paint. PJ42 PCR Jar 100% Recycled plastic, PP-PCR material cream jar less is more design.
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                • Deodorant Bottle And Dropper Bottle Cream Jar Set

                  PDD01?Deodorant Bottle Concise shape design, 10ml deodorant with glass material and roller ball with steel material. PA16 Airless Bottle PP material, customized color and printing accepted. PDW01 Dropper Bottle And PJW01 Cream Jar Glass material, spray panton color jar and dropper bottles, silksc...
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                • Dual Chamber Bottle And Eco-friendly PCR Airless Bottle

                  PL19 100ml?Dual Chamber Bottle Dual chamber inner bottle, filling two kinds of products, pump out the two kinds of formula at the same time. TA04 AS Airless Bottle Classic simple design shape, private customization color and printing accepted. PA66 Echo-friendly PCR Airless Bottle Topfeelpack is ...
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                • Popular Dual Chamber Bottles for Skin Care & Eye Care

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                • The consumption of PET bottles is rising

                  According to a statement by analyst Mac Mackenzie, global demand for PET bottles is rising. The statement also speculates that by 2030, the demand for rPET in Europe will increase 6 times. Pieterjan Van Uytvanck, chief analyst at Wood Mackenzie, said: "The consumption of...
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                • Basic knowledge of airless bottle

                  1. About airless bottle The contents of the airless bottle can be completely blocked from the air to prevent the product from oxidizing and mutating due to touching the air, and breeding bacteria. The high-tech concept promotes the product level. Vacuum bottles that pass...
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                • PET bottle blowing process

                  Beverage bottles are modified PET bottles mixed with polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) or composite bottles of PET and thermoplastic polyarylate. They are classified as hot bottles and can withstand heat above 85 กใ C; water bottles are cold Bottles, no requirements for heat...
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